CancerLinQ, JCO CCI Participate in CI4CC Spring Symposium with Latest Updates

March 20, 2017

On March 22, ASCO’s big data initiative, CancerLinQ®, and newest journal, JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics (JCO CCI), will be highlighted at the Cancer Informatics for Cancer Centers (CI4CC) 2017 Spring Symposium and Workshop.  This year’s meeting takes a focus on the role of registries in the national cancer data ecosystem.

JCO CCI’s Editorial Coordinator, Ashley Ketelhut, will discuss the new peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal that publishes clinically actionable research and important new clinical hypotheses based on biomedical informatics methods and processes applied to cancer-related electronic health record, registry, clinical trial, and omics data and information. The journal’s presentation at CI4CC will include the latest updates on the journal’s progress since its recent launch and information on the content it seeks along with future content plans.

CancerLinQ LLC Chief of Bio-Informatics, George Komatsoulis, PhD will deliver the latest news from the CancerLinQ® platform, which contains growing amounts of real-world cancer information, sharing perspectives from current CancerLinQ vanguard practices and the unique value they receive from participation in the program. This national initiative allows cancer providers to improve the quality and value of care by analyzing millions of cancer patient medical records, uncovering patterns and trends, and measuring their care against that of their peers and recommended guidelines.

Last year, CancerLinQ LLC and CI4CC announced the creation of a joint initiative to engage informatics leaders nationally. The collaboration brings together leading scientists and data experts with CancerLinQ® to facilitate cross-filtration and participation in a variety of avenues, including key forums, engagement in programmatic development, and alignment in strategic opportunities to ensure that CancerLinQ continues to be a go-to resource for the entire oncology community.

The meeting hopes to serve as forum to help introduce and engage the CI4CC and registry communities, share knowledge and new ideas, and establish collaborations that will lead to the development of methods that can enable cancer registries to realize their greatest potential in service to both the national and international cancer data ecosystem.

Learn more about the Spring Symposium.