State Affiliate Handbook

The fourth edition of ASCO's State Affiliate Handbook – A Guide for Managing State Oncology Societies is designed to help state societies identify issues they should consider in their formation, reorganization, ongoing management, and program development. 

The manual also directs state societies to ASCO services and includes references to other resources that might be useful in addressing organizational needs.

This manual is not intended to serve as a substitute for legal and business advice. State societies should be aware that the legal requirements for incorporation will vary from state to state, as will requirements related to nonprofit corporate governance. ASCO has made every effort to present accurate and up-to-date information, but the advice is of a general nature and will not replace the advice of a local attorney and accountant on matters of association formation and management.

In developing this Handbook, we have attempted to respond to questions from state societies that we have received in the past, as well as anticipate areas of concern.

The fourth edition incorporates comments received from state societies submitted after the publication of previous Handbook editions. We thank you for your comments and encourage you to provide us with additional feedback and advice for future editions. Please send comments to

Note: The URLs found in this book may have changed since publication.

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