Special Awards

David A. Karnofsky Memorial Award and Lecture

Suzanne L. Topalian, MD
2015 Recipient
The David A. Karnofsky Memorial Award is presented in recognition of innovative clinical research and developments that have changed the way oncologists think about the general practice of oncology.

Excellence in Teaching Award

Dean F. Bajorin, MD, FACP
2015 Recipient
The Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes, encourages, and rewards individuals who have had a demonstrable impact on their trainees (residents, postdoctoral fellows, clinical fellows) and who have inspired and shaped the trainee’s practice of cancer medicine.

Special Recognition Award

Archie Bleyer, MD
2015 Recipient
The Special Recognition Award honors achievements of an individual whose research and innovations have had a transforming and lasting effect in areas of clinical oncology, cancer research, clinical trials, and patient advocacy activities or outstanding long-term service to ASCO and/or to clinical oncology.

ASCO - American Cancer Society Award and Lecture

Ernest Hawk, MD, MPH
2015 Recipient
The ASCO-American Cancer Society Award honors the achievements of individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to the prevention and management of cancer.

B.J. Kennedy Award and Lecture for Scientific Excellence in Geriatric Oncology

Silvio Monfardini, MD
2015 Recipient
The B. J. Kennedy Award for Scientific Excellence in Geriatric Oncology honors individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership or contributed scientific work—laboratory, clinical, or epidemiologic—of major importance to the field of geriatric oncology.

Humanitarian Award

Jose Angel Sanchez, MD
2015 Recipient
The ASCO Humanitarian Award recognizes a cancer doctor who personifies ASCO's mission and values by going above and beyond the call of duty in providing outstanding patient care through innovative means or exceptional service or leadership in the United States or abroad.

Partners in Progress Award

Mary Lou Smith, JD, MBA
2015 Recipient
The Partners in Progress Award honors the accomplishments of an extraordinary patient advocate whose work and devotion have had an impact on public awareness about cancer, its causes, cures, or treatment, or activities that result in additional support, either legislatively or fiscally, for cancer research, treatment, prevention, or care.

Distinguished Achievement Award

George Bosl, MD
2015 Recipient
The Distinguished Achievement Award acknowledges extraordinary broad-based leadership and/or mentorship in the field of oncology.

Science of Oncology Award and Lecture

James P. Allison, PhD
2015 Recipient
The Science of Oncology Award honors the contributions of innovative basic and translational scientists in cancer research.

Gianni Bonadonna Breast Cancer Award and Lecture

Matthew Ellis, MD, PhD
2015 Recipient
The Gianni Bonadonna Breast Cancer Award recognizes an active clinical and/or translational researcher with a distinguished record of accomplishments in advancing the field of breast cancer and with exceptional mentoring abilities. It also provides funding to a fellow in the institution of the award recipient.

Pediatric Oncology Award and Lecture

Stephen E. Sallan, MD
2015 Recipient
The Pediatric Oncology Award was established to honor the career and achievements of an individual who has contributed outstanding scientific work—laboratory, clinical, or epidemiologic—of major importance to the field of pediatric oncology.