ASCO publishes a suite of peer-reviewed journals with content focused on

  • clinical oncology research;
  • issues and insights affecting oncology practice;
  • cancer care, research and care delivery issues unique to countries and settings with limited healthcare resources; 
  • biomedical informatics methods and processes applied to cancer-related data, information, and images; and
  • the science and practice of precision oncology.

ASCO’s peer-reviewed journals follow a continuous publication schedule. Below is a select list of the newest content from ASCO’s journals. ASCO will update the list on a near-daily basis, and we encourage you to check this page frequently. Email ASCO’s Media Team to request an embargoed journal article or an interview with a study author.

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Embargoed until March 29, 4:00 pm ET:

Complete Hematologic and Molecular Response in Adult Patients With Relapsed/Refractory Philadelphia Chromosome–Positive B-Precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Following Treatment With Blinatumomab: Results From a Phase II, Single-Arm, Multicenter Study (JCO: Original Report)
Giovanni Martinelli, et al.

Moderate Hypofractionation in High-Risk, Organ-Confined Prostate Cancer: Final Results of a Phase III Randomized Trial (JCO: Original Report)
Stefano Arcangeli, et al.
(Editorial by James Yu, et al.)

Quality of Survivorship in a Rare Disease: Clinicofunctional Outcome and Physical Activity in an Observational Cohort Study of 618 Long-Term Survivors of Ewing Sarcoma (JCO: Original Report)
Andreas Ranft, et al.

Final Results of the IELSG-19 Randomized Trial of Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue Lymphoma: Improved Event-Free and Progression-Free Survival With Rituximab Plus Chlorambucil Versus Either Chlorambucil or Rituximab Monotherapy (JCO: Original Report)
Emanuele Zucca, et al.

Hypofractionated Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer: Further Evidence to Tip the Scales (JCO: Editorial)
James Yu, et al.
(Accompanies Stefano Arcangeli, et al.)

Unexpected CDH1 Mutations Identified on Multigene Panels Pose Clinical Management Challenges (JCO PO: Original Report)
Duveen Sturgeon, et al.
(Editorial by James Ford, et al.)

Totally Unexpected: Nonsyndromic CDH1Mutations and Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer Syndrome (JCO PO: Editorial)
James Ford, et al.
(Accompanies Duveen Sturgeon, et al.)

Embargoed until March 28, 4:00 pm ET:

Genomic Classifier Augments the Role of Pathological Features in Identifying Optimal Candidates for Adjuvant Radiation Therapy in Patients With Prostate Cancer: Development and Internal Validation of a Multivariable Prognostic Model (JCO: Original Report)
Firas Abdollah, et al.

Reproductive Patterns Among Childhood and Adolescent Cancer Survivors in Sweden: A Population-Based Matched-Cohort Study (JCO: Original Report)
Gabriela Armuand, et al.

Clinical Activity of the γ-Secretase Inhibitor PF-03084014 in Adults With Desmoid Tumors (Aggressive Fibromatosis) (JCO: Original Report)
Shivaani Kummar, et al.

Outcome of Lower-Risk Patients With Myelodysplastic Syndromes Without 5q Deletion After Failure of Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents (JCO: Original Report)
Sophie Park, et al. 

Survival Disparities by Hospital Volume Among American Women With Gynecologic Cancers (JCO CCI: Original Report)
Brandon-Luke Seagle, et al.

Reporting Margin Status in Synoptic Reports (JCO CCI: Original Report)
Andrew Renshaw, et al.

Data-Derived Treatment Duration Goal for Cervical Cancer: Should 8 Weeks Remain the Target in the Era of Concurrent Chemoradiation? (JCO CCI: Original Report)
Julian Hong, et al.

Embargoed until March 25, 4:00 pm ET:

Brachytherapy for Patients With Prostate Cancer: American Society of Clinical Oncology/Cancer Care Ontario Joint Guideline Update (JCO: ASCO Special Article)
R. Bryan Rumble, et al.

Active Surveillance in Younger Men With Prostate Cancer (JCO: Original Report)
Michael Leapman, et al.
(Editorial by Mark Garzotto, et al.)

Patient-Reported Outcomes 1 Year After Immediate Breast Reconstruction: Results of the Mastectomy Reconstruction Outcomes Consortium Study (JCO: Original Report) 
Andrea Pusic, et al.

Is Low-Risk Prostate Cancer More Indolent in Younger Patients? (JCO: Editorial)
Mark Garzotto, et al.
(Accompanies Michael Leapman, et al.)

Breast Cancer in Ghana: Demonstrating the Need for Population-Based Cancer Registries in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (JGO: Original Report) 
Abigail Thomas, et al.

Efficacy and Safety of Docetaxel in Elderly Patients With Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (JGO: Original Report) 
Manuel Maia, et al.

Pilot Educational Intervention and Feasibility Assessment of Breast Ultrasound in Rural South Africa (JGO: Original Report) 
Susan Harvey, et al.

Breast Cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa (JGO: Editorial) 
Edward Trimble, et al.

Embargoed until March 24, 4:00 pm ET:

Morbidity and Mortality Associated With Meningioma After Cranial Radiotherapy: A Report From the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (JCO: Original Report)
Daniel Bowers, et al.

Mercaptopurine Ingestion Habits, Red Cell Thioguanine Nucleotide Levels, and Relapse Risk in Children With Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: A Report From the Children’s Oncology Group Study AALL03N1 (JCO: Original Report) 
Smita Bhatia, et al.

Health-Related Quality of Life and Survival Outcomes of Pediatric Patients With Nonmetastatic Osteosarcoma Treated in Countries With Different Resources (JGO: Original Report) 
Michael Bishop, et al.

Variation in Adherence Measures to Imatinib Therapy (JGO: Original Report) 
Pankaj Malhotra, et al.

Embargoed until March 22, 4:00 pm ET:

Pembrolizumab for Platinum- and Cetuximab-Refractory Head and Neck Cancer: Results From a Single-Arm, Phase II Study (JCO: Original Report)
Joshua Bauml, et al.

The State of Cancer Care in America, 2017: A Report by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (JOP: ASCO Special Article)
M. Kirkwood, et al.
(Special Posting Notice: Embargoed until Wednesday, March 22, at 8:00 am ET).

Embargoed until March 21, 4:00 pm ET:

Long and Winding Road of Cancer and Pregnancy: A Need for Action (JCO: Editorial) 
Fedro Peccatori, et al.

Barriers to Scale of Digital Health Systems for Cancer Care and Control in Last-Mile Settings (JGO: Special Article)
Jay Evans, et al.

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