Mobile Apps Help

ASCO makes a number of mobile applications available on several different devices and platforms. A full inventory and description of the apps that are currently available can be found on the Mobile Apps page.

For information and assistance troubleshooting the apps, please read the Frequently Asked Questions below, or contact our technical assistance desk via our Contact Us page by selecting Technical Help as the category of your query. You can also reach us by phone at 877-692-8197 (in the US/Canada) / 571-483-1524 (international), Monday through Friday, between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM ET.

Are ASCO's apps free, or will I have to pay to download them?

All of the apps ASCO offers are free to download, however several of them require either a subscription or ASCO membership in order to access their content.

Which apps require a subscription or ASCO membership?

The iMeeting app requires a Virtual Meeting subscription, which can be purchased in the ASCO Store. The iDirectory app requires ASCO membership. All others are free to access, however the iPlanner app does require users to sign in with an username and password (registration is free for non-members) if they wish to sync it with the ePlanner.

How do I download the app I want?

You can find links to the various applications on the Mobile Apps page. You can also find apps supported on your mobile device directly by accessing the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store and searching for "ASCO".

What apps can I download to my device?

Device iPlanner iMeeting iDirectory Cancer.Net CCF
iPhone/iPod Touch

Please note the specifications needed below for each of the apps and devices:

  • iPad: iPlanner (iOS version 4.0+), iMeeting (iOS version 4.3+), iDirectory (iOS version 4.0+), Cancer.Net (iOS version 3.2+), Conquer Cancer Foundation
  • iPhone/iPod Touch: iPlanner (iOS version 4.0+), iDirectory (iOS version 4.0+), Cancer.Net (iOS version 3.2+), Conquer Cancer Foundation
  • Android: iPlanner (Android version 1.6+), Mobile-friendly browser version of iMeeting, iDirectory (Android version 1.6+)
  • Blackberry: Mobile-friendly browser version of iPlanner

My app isn't loading properly. How can I fix it?

There are a number of reasons why your app may not be loading properly and, as such, a number of possible solutions.

Out-of-Date Operating System: Please ensure your mobile device is updated to the most recent operating system in order to access all of ASCO's apps. Find a list of the operating systems supported by ASCO for each of its apps above.

Connection Issues: If you are connecting to ASCO apps via WiFi, please be aware that the strength of a wireless signal can impact performance, particularly with streaming videos. Firewalls or other settings put in place by a network administrator can also impede access and are common at medical and academic institutions.

Crashing or Freezing: Memory overload – often caused by running multiple programs or apps at the same time – can cause apps to malfunction. ASCO recommends a number of possible fixes should your apps crash or freeze, including, killing the app, restarting your mobile device, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Please note that with Apple devices running iOS, simply closing out an app may not be enough to kill the app. You may need to double click the home button and click the minus button next to the app to kill it.

I cannot find the menu button in my Android device.

To use the menu button on your Android device, you must touch and hold the app switch button (a.k.a. recent apps button).


Can I get any of this content on my mobile device, even if I don't have one of the devices above?

Yes. A subscription to Meeting Podcasts provides access to the same content that is contained in iMeeting. Meeting audio and video podcasts can be synced with any device that supports mp3 and mp4 formats.

I still need further assistance or I have a different question. Who can I contact?

Reach out to ASCO's technical assistance desk via our Contact Us page by selecting Technical Help as the category of your query or by phone at 877-692-8197 (in the US) / 571-483-1524 (international), from Monday to Friday between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM ET.

For more information on how to troubleshoot issues with your mobile device, please visit the help guides for these popular devices: