ASCO Vision

Shaping the Future of Oncology

On a fundamental level, predicting the future is an impossible exercise. The vision laid out in this document, while well-researched and carefully considered, may turn out to be off the mark in ways that we cannot imagine from where we stand today. Yet anticipating—and preparing for—the future is an absolute necessity for the oncology field. With the number of cancer patients projected to grow dramatically in the years ahead in the U.S. and worldwide, we must do everything possible to ensure that we are well-positioned to deliver the care they will need.

This document is the starting point for an ongoing, dynamic discussion. ASCO is seeking input from you, our more than 35,000 members, to refine the vision described here. Your input is essential. This vision is intended to be a roadmap to guide ASCO’s policy and programmatic activities—and the care of patients—for many years to come. We ask you to participate actively in the discussion. ASCO will periodically review and update the vision based on feedback and new developments in the oncology field.