ASCO - American Cancer Society Award and Lecture

About This Award 

First presented in 1993, the ASCO-ACS Award and Lecture recognizes significant contributions to cancer prevention and control research or practice. ASCO and the American Cancer Society jointly support this oncology lectureship; however, the recipient is chosen by ASCO.

The award consists of an honorarium, a commemorative plaque, and support to the recipient to attend the ASCO Annual Meeting. The recipient will deliver a 30-minute lecture at the ASCO Annual Meeting.

The award recipient must agree to be interviewed by the ASCO Daily News and will also need to provide the presentation abstract for Annual Meeting materials. 


To be eligible for this award, candidates must:

  • Be an ASCO member
  • Have made a significant contribution to cancer prevention and control research or practice
  • Be a distinguished lecturer
  • Not have received this award before

Nomination Procedure and Deadline

Nominations for the 2015 ASCO-American Cancer Society Award and Lecture are now closed.


Candidates for the award will be considered by the ASCO Special Awards Selection Committee. The committee will consider all nominations as they have been submitted. After careful deliberations by the committee, its recommendations will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for final approval.


Generously supported by the American Cancer Society.